About us


Indian Padel Federation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the development and promotion of Padel in India.

Padel enthusiasts form it, professionals and Padel players from Spain and India, determined to work together to create the perfect federation for our sport.

The task ahead of the Federation is to manage all affiliated regional federations, national memberships, clubs, coaches, Padel industries and all sponsors and partners. We also regulate the rules of the different national competitions and ranking systems. As well as, we measure participation, implementing regulation and general minimum standards for all aspects of the sport, including among others: courts installations, coaching methods, coaching courses, creating national tournaments, guiding players, coaches and clubs.

The Federation assist with the development issues of Padel, indicating individuals and organisations in the right direction wherever required.


Our mission is to introduce, promote and develop the knowledge of Padel as a sport in India, making Padel one recognised sport in all Indian States and encouraging Padel practices with no distinction, in a spirit of friendship and harmony.


Our vision is to make Padel the most known sport in India, turning it into one of the most practised sports. As well as, promoting the sport in the media, echoing all private and public initiatives related to this sport.



Fernando Belasteguin is a professional player since 1995 at the age of 15.

He won 311 tournaments of 336 finals played since his professional debut.
16 years being NUMBER 1 of the world, unique player in Padel sports history.