Affiliations and services


Clubs and franchises play a crucial role in our structure. They are vital to the development, growth and promotion of the sport all around India. The Federation also aims to expand Padel Courts in different locations such as leisure centres, hotels, sports centres, institutions like schools, premier institutes, colleges, tennis & squash clubs.

However,… Why Padel?

Let’s list some advantages:

  • Padel is bringing a breath of fresh air that revitalises clubs with an activity complementary to tennis and squash, having the opportunity to diversify your offer with a new sport and reach new targets.
  • Padel can make the difference between your club from others by providing the latest racquet sport around the world.
  • Padel is more profitable than tennis; it can be built two padel courts on one tennis court.
  • Padel games usually are shorter than tennis games.
  • Padel is only played in doubles, so four players on the court at the same time means more profitability of the court.


On-request we also organise different Padel events such as private lessons, corporate events, clinics and other events all over India.

Additional services

Educational Padel advice

Padel Event Management

Padel Equipment advice

Infrastructure advice

Advice on court maitenance procedures