Core values

Indian Padel Federationmain core values

We strive for having a stable Federation based on the following core values:


Our Federation want to provide the chance to play regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, sexuality, gender and ability. We encourage through the game of Padel to include everyone equally and make everyone feel accepted and respected.


Indian Padel Federation seeks to identify the most innovative and creative product or service in the Padel industry, trying to meet needs that remain to be covered.

“Innovation is creativity multiplied by execution and the use of technology.”


All our activities are designed to be constructive and enjoyable, without taking into account any target level. Sometimes it isn’t the game itself that is fun but instead is our ability to have ‘fun’ playing it.


Padel is always played with a partner. A Padel player should be adaptive to different partners and styles because they often vary. To thoroughly enjoy this sports, the player should be a great team-mate. Encouraging each other will guide to a more magnificent team outcome.

Additional values to our members


We believe that while it is interest that gets many of us started in sports, it is the passion that sustains us. Our full potential requires all of our enthusiasm.

Positive attitude

We focus on the positive side to continually improve. All new challenge is welcome with a positive attitude, and this is how we transmit it to our team.

Healthy habits

 We encourage to develop healthy eating habits, practising sports regularly and having good sleeping habits to improve with mental and physical abilities.


Padel requires to be ready to dedicate sufficient time and be committed to obtaining the aimed goal. So, it is necessary to remain with constancy, persistence and focuses.


Training, playing and living with humility, learning also from defeat always show how to improve. Humility consists of sharing success and responsibilities with your team-mate, being aware of self-limitations and weaknesses.


Accepting rules of fair play, treating equally every individual disregard of their role. So, that there is respect for oneself, respect for coaches, respect for the material, respect for team-mates and opponents.

Padel can turn into an official sport in India with everyone’s support.

The more members we become, the faster it can grow!